Dr. David A. Mayer

Dr. David A. Mayer

Award-Winning Hair Restoration Doctor

David A. Mayer, MD

Lead hair transplant surgeon, Dr. David A. Mayer, is an acknowledged expert in the field of hair restoration. He received his MD degree from the Cornell Medical School, finishing first in his class. He then completed a residency in surgery at New York Presbyterian Hospital-Cornell. He is a board-certified surgeon who practiced for over 30 years in the North Shore-Long Island Jewish (LIJ) Medical Center Health System in New York. He is the Director of Surgery Emeritus at one of North Shore-LIJ’s preeminent teaching hospitals and holds the academic rank of Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery.

Currently teaching at three New York area medical schools, Dr. David Mayer is widely published in the peer-reviewed medical literature and has presented his research both at home in the U.S, and around the world.

In addition, Dr. David Mayer has performed many thousands of hair restoration procedures, and currently offers his patients state-of-the-art robotic hair replacement as a same day procedure. Our patients and staff love him because he has a great bedside manner and a very good sense of humor.

10 Benefits of Using Mayer Hair Restoration

1. More Value and Quality – unlike many other surgeons, Dr. Mayer moves the MOST possible amount of hair in ONLY ONE SESSION giving you unparalleled natural results at a better value.

2. Exclusive Attention – You are the ONLY case of the day. All attention from the physician and staff is focused solely upon you.

3. Specialized Staff – Our highly skilled team works exclusively in hair transplantation resulting in more accumulated knowledge and overall experience.

4. Custom Facility – Our Hair transplant facility was designed for hair transplants only, giving you superior results and optimal comfort.

5. Personalized Consultation – Prior to the procedure, Dr. Mayer personally consults with you in order to cultivate a positive doctor/patient relationship and establish the most optimal plan for your unique procedure.

6. Advanced, Safe Techniques – Dr. Mayer utilizes leading-edge FDA approved treatments so you can keep as much of your own natural hair as possible.

7. Exceptional Technology – All grafts are dissected and placed under magnification.

8. Unlimited Follow-up Care – You’ll receive exceptional post-operative attention at no additional charge.

9. Outstanding Hair Transplant Patient References – You can speak to an unlimited number of satisfied patients and even meet them in person!

10. Hair Transplant Guarantee – All work is 100% guaranteed!

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